Monday, February 15, 2010

President's Day 2010

As I C It - Today is Monday, 2/15/2010 and I'm not feeling at par today. I am supposed to meet a friend in a few hours at the local scrapbook store but I have had a headache now for two days and I have ringing in my ears. My blood pressure is elevated and in general I just feel "icky". I believe I will be staying home instead of joining in at the crop. This darn headache kept me from meeting up with friends for coffee yesterday too. If it does not go away by tomorrow I will need to call the doctor.

President's day! Wow...another year has passed. 21 years ago on President's Day my sweetie asked me to marry him. Maybe I should cook a special dinner tonight or clean the "boxes" out of the living room that have needed unpacking since we moved into the apartment 4.5 years ago. I should do something special for the historic date. Hard to believe it has now been 21 years that we have been together.

A dear family friend was in a horrible auto accident this past Saturday that took his life. If mother and daddy drive home to NM for the funeral I will go with them. The family has been on my mind and in my heart since learning of this tragedy on Saturday. My prayers are heaven bound for all of the family - we do not understand how God could take a man like Don but I tell you this that there is a purpose and God will be glorified in some way - in my prayers I feel that there is someone God plans to speak to, impress upon and bring back home through this tragedy. Don was a Godly man and I hurt for his family but rejoice as I do know that we will all see him again one day in Glory.

I need to make a few sympathy cards, finish some birthday cards and make a few anniversary and thank you cards this week. I also need to clear, clean and organize my crafting area upstairs. I'd like to set up the sewing machine as well and then make a list of all the sewing/quilting supplies I need to begin learning to sew and hand quilt.

I think I'll go lay down for a couple of hours and see how I feel as to whether I call off on the crop day and stay home and rest again or feel well enough to go out.


Wendy said...

You are such a crafty person. I am glad you told me about your blog. I'm saying prayers for your loss. I hope you are feeling better and if not please go to the doctor.