Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Renewal of the Temple of the Holy Spirit

© 2010 Cizon Sauceda 

Renewal.  Renewal is the act of renewing or state of being renewed or instance of this.  Renew.  Renew is to begin or do again or to make like new (and/or replenish).

Cizon needs a renewal, a refreshing moment to move forward and put the old behind her and new before her. 

I am reminded by 1 Corinthians 3:16 that I am God's temple {From the NIV:  Don't you know that you yourselves are God's temple and that God's Spirit lives in you?}. 

After spending time in the hospital for high blood pressure and chest pain just two weeks ago and realizing that being around for my family is important to me I must return to a heart healthy lifestyle.  It is important that I renew the journey previously traveled in 2007 of which I derailed grossly and have, unfortunately, severely back trodden.  Not only did I lose 67 pounds and then regain 76 pounds but have endangered my heart and my life in the process.  High blood pressure, continuous stress, eating from stress, cholesterol, border-line (really is there such a thing) diabetes are all the results of not taking care of this temple that my God, my Holy Spirit indwells.  So forthwith I will begin the heart healthy way of living that will produce the energy for the activity that will result in the spiritual closeness to Christ that I crave, reduce the stress that surrounds me, prepare my body to be physically fit and reduce the cumbersome weight that holds me back from living the life God fully intends to be lived.

Journaling greatly assisted in this journey in 2007 when I lost the pounds so I will once again fill blog notes as I renew this journey and move forward.  South Beach Diet was the program from which I gained great strides so I will revisit that but most importantly I will begin tracking caloric intake versus output so to wisely meet the deposits and withdrawals my body will be making in a heart healthy fashion.

I had an acrostic that I will once again follow:
Nutrition (being the heart healthy, Mediterranean to South Beach fare)
Exercise (starting out with 3 - 5 and moving to 5 - 7 visits to the gym)
Water (proper hydration is important for healthy living that includes weight loss)
Sleep (6 - 8 hours a night - middle of the night as I post so not yet up to speed)

I've always thought how it would be to live to 122 should the Lord tarry.  At the rate I have been living that will not be a possibility but upon renewal anything is possible!  Renewal begins with the Good News.  If God is for me and my health and if it is for His Temple I seek to renew so that I am fit and strong to fulfill the purposes he has set forth for my life than I must without faltering begin the renewal process.  I do this for my God, my health and my family because I love God, I love myself and because of these I love my family.

As I C It, I will succeed and be healthy. It is time to renew.