Monday, December 27, 2010

Two Word Tuesday

© 2010 Cizon Sauceda
During 2010:

grievous: causing grief or great sorrow; burdensome or oppressive
tribulation: severe trial or suffering; an affliction, trouble

for 2011:

quiet: calm, peaceful
contentment: comfort, happiness

As 2010 comes to an end determined that the last two word Tuesday of the year would be a summation in two words of the year. With some thought I believe that grievous tribulation is well suited for the year. This is what occurs when you willy-nilly through the year without much planning and prayer. The end results in a pained heart that can go no other place but to the Lord in prayer and seek a way that leads back to peace, comfort and security.

As for 2011 I am seeking quiet contentment. I desire to peacefully seek God, daily read His word faithfully and fully lean on his understanding and wisdom and not my own. I pray for love, joy, happiness, peace, contentment, wisdom, righteousness=right living in God. I want to grow closer to Christ so I can see who I am to be in Him and not be looking in the window wondering "who am I" and "what I am supposed to be doing". I want to seek Him because He is seeking me. It's time to quit running away and start living today the life I gave him so many years ago. In living this new year and drawing closer to God I hope to be closer to my spouse, children, family and to know what paths He holds for me.

What two words sum up your 2010 and bring purpose to 2011 for you?