Sunday, January 9, 2011

Not So Random Thoughts

© 2011 Cizon Sauceda

Praise God for a brand new week!  I am excited to embark on this new venue of life.  As Chris and I talked/texted Saturday late in the evening he is just as excited as I am about my Mary Kay business.  He was speaking to me of a vision he was seeing of a storm gathering on the horizon and that he saw a cloud the size of a fist in the air and inside the cloud is the shower of blessings God has in store for my Mary Kay business.  Now can a husband be any more supportive than to see visions from God for his graciousness toward my business?  I love God and I love Chris!

I love these conversations I have with my husband.   He loves to expound the greatness stored in God's word to me when I bring up a scripture or a subject.  Tonight I randomly texted to him a couple of sentences from a blog that I subscribe to ~ - Mark BattersonI was catching up on a couple of his blogs and texted/quoted the following to Chris from the blog I was reading:  "But there is a God in heaven who reveals secrets.  You never know when the God of heaven might invade the reality of your life and change everything."

Now mind you I haven't seen Chris since December and only for a brief couple of hours for dinner in Kingman with family and he hasn't been home since early November so my text to him was to encourage him (if not myself) not to give up hope that God has a plan to bring him home for good with a local job.  So in the midst of this over-the-road job we are struggling heavily financially down to the last pennies and then praying that food, rent & utilities, etc., are met even with the slight relief his pay affords to us.  But my dear heart, Chris, went on to text back that it was so true and that he had been thinking about Elijah and the widow and how the need was provided for her situation and that ours would be met as well.  Now isn't that faith!  I then told him that was such an awesome faith and blessing and that we needed an Elijah moment in our life.

I was contacted today by a dear sweet friend who was previously a team member of mine in a previous Mary Kay year.  We both became inactive but lo and behold if she doesn't contact me after seeing on FB (and receiving the same email I did from our NSD) that I was back in business and to ask about joining me again!  I can't wait to share my business with others, enrich their lives and build a team and so after our Elijah conversation I was telling Chris about her message to me.  Chris was excited and that is when he told me about the cloud he is seeing on the horizon.

So I have a dream.  I have a goal.  God showed me two years ago that he would open up the heavens as far as the stars could be seen and provide me with the team members to build the Sauceda Stars team similar to his promise to Abraham.  I believed but yet I did not and gave up before I could grow up in my business.  I am reclaiming the promise.  With the love and support of my husband and family and with mad determination I am, with God as my business partner, striving to take our business as far as He will allow. 

Praise God that I live in a country that gives me the opportunity to build a business and work for myself/God. 

It's not just the Cadillac SRX (Escalade someday dear Lord if willing) or the $$$ that it will afford to my family and I as we diligently roll up our sleeves and work for these goals but it is also the friends that will be family that I will make on this journey not only with team members and sister consultants but within my hostesses and customers as well!

So for this month forward, I will be seeking God and seeking faces/relationships.  I want to personally share the business with 50 team members to join me this year.   I will begin with customers, hostesses and parties to meet & greet those who will be my future team members as well as those who will prefer to be my customers.  We will grow together making new friends and learning the Mary Kay way of God first, Family second and Career third.  We will learn about skincare, color cosmetics and building relationships.  I can't wait with one step at time starting with my first facials and parties to becoming a director and even expanding to Mexico our business and future team and on to the National Area vision I had two years ago!

God is good and I believe he has great things in store for our family and our business.

I keep  hearing in my heart that with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE and not only that but according to Matthew 7:7-8 (niv) "Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.  For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened".

I am asking, I am seeking, I am knocking....Lord I cry out please open the doors and allow me to meet the wonderfully made people you created to teach to enrich and to work with each day.