Thursday, June 23, 2011

Corn Meal Patties

© 2011 Cizon Sauceda
Tested in Cizon's Kitchen
on 2011.06.22

Corn Meal Patties

Corn Meal to the amount you feel like making
      (I usually estimate one cup cornmeal per person)
1 Tbsp Salt
1 Tbsp Sugar
Boiling Water
Canola Oil
Salt and other seasonings
     (we like to use Tastefully Simple Wahoo Chili or NM Red Chili Powder)
Combine Corn Meal, Salt and Sugar. 

Seasoned Corn Meal Mixture

Ready to Fry

Boiling Water/Cornmeal

Add Boiling Water until you have the consistency of paste.
Drop by spoonfuls onto heated oil in a skillet. Flatten droppings so that you have a flat cake like presence about ¼ “ thickness.
Allow to cook in bubbly oil until edges are browned and firm. Add any seasonings you care to add to the non-cooked side at this point. Plain with a little salt is ALWAYS good but if you want a little kick to it add some chile or cumin seasoning to it too. Once side one is browned, flip patty and allow second side with seasonings to brown.
Remove from skillet to drain rack to allow excess oil to drain and continue process until all patties have been cooked adding more oil to pan as needed to complete process.

ENJOY!  Delicious with butter or plain.