Tuesday, June 21, 2011

When I listen...the Music is there...the Words of God are there...

© 2011 Cizon Sauceda

Stop...Listen...God speaks

For years the voice in my head (ie.. GOD) has spoken. So many thoughts, stories, words to begin but yet never realized or placed on paper. I would walk around with dialogue, words and thoughts never recorded or written because I did not stop and listen and record.  I would always after the fact think to myself, "oh that was good I should have caught that on paper".  I have just recently begun to stop, listen and pull out my phone and use my notepad or pull out a sheet of paper and write.

Twenty-six years ago I took the old manual typewritter, a table, some paper and pencils out to an old box car where I sat up shop because I was going to be a writer. The words didn't flow and I gave up too soon. The fall of 1985 found me studying music but music theory scared me away. I've never stopped having a desire to write or study music.

I've written three items this year. I call them songs and if you bear with me I'll hum/sing them for you. Once the piano is tuned I plan to finish putting notes between the lines of measures.

I desire to go back and finish the degree in music. I have for several years. I have such a pure love for music, the notes, the words, the feelings and thoughts that are conveyed. I just love music and I fully believe God is preparing me in my lifes journey for yet still greater works through music in his timing.

So for now I'll work on getting the piano tuned, picking up a guitar to learn to play and putting to music the words He has given me. I'm going to continue to listen to that still small voice and STOP when I hear his words and put them to paper (notepad) so they do not vanish like the wind any longer. I will continue to study His WORD so I am spot on in these gifts from God.  Eventually the time will be right for me to continue my music education.   Until then prehaps I will find a way to conquer that long ago fear and dive into music theory.  I'll pick up some books, pull out my old college music text books and sit myself down at the piano to learn, really learn, the theory of music so I am ready when God says now is the time to return to school.

Thank you Jesus for dreams and goals and life lessons.

I'm listening and I will follow. Lead on dear Lord.