Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jury Summons

© 2011 Cizon Sauceda

The People Of The State Of Nevada Send Greetings To:  ME!!
Jury Notices Cause Pain.  It is the physical pain I am feeling daily compounded by the knowledge of the pain that I will feel walking the lengthy distance from the parking garage to the Courthouse as well as sitting for long periods of time.  On a bright note I could get some more reading out of the way.  I should be thrilled to have a Jury Summons notice.  It's every citizen's patriotic call to honor and support its government in process.  Right?  Civics 101.  The summons actually arrived a few weeks back and I put it aside deciding to tackle the check-in call at a later time.  It gave me pain on the day I received it too.

Last night I took on some housework that caused a great deal of pain (sweeping the entire house and washing dishes and cooking dinner).  For most folk these ordinary tasks would be a drop in the bucket but by the time I finished I could barely stand, I was in so much pain I could barely sleep last night and as I write this I am still in much pain.  Pain, a resounding theme here it appears.  Long story short ~ As I was standing at the sink loading the dishwasher I realized, actually almost panicked, that I had missed my report date.  I took a deep breath counted out what day of the month it was for a moment.  Dates have been screwey in my mind since Chris went back to work with an odd Mon-Fri work week beginning on Thursdays so I had to mentally tick off what day it was and then with a sigh of relief I realized that I had one more day to call.  So I put off looking for the notice one more day.

Once I looked at the notice today it stated that I am to call five days ahead of the report date to report receipt of my summons.  I blew that one but it also said I was to call upon receipt of the notice (conflicting statements in the same paragraph).  I called in today and everything was voice automated.  My purpose to call was not just to report receipt but to obtain an authorization to be excused based on two reasons:  a) Chris just went back to work after a very long period of being unemployed and we only have one car and it would be a hardship based on his work hours; or, b) the more practical reason of my pain from RA and how the walk to the Courthouse and the long periods of sitting would be detrimental to my physical health.

I couldn't get a live body to answer the call and ended up selecting option "6" - medical reason.  The response stated that a doctors note must be received at the Court prior to the scheduled date and approved by the Court.  I am out of luck.  No insurance, no meds other than over the counter pain reliever, no recent doctor visits preclude a doctors note.  The detriments of being under/unemployed include heath issues that go uncared due to lack of funding and insurance access.  It is sufficiently too late at any rate to obtain an excuse based on medical.

So the summons states as well as the recorded message from earlier today that I am to call to obtain my reporting time at some time after 6:00 p.m. tonight.  That time has passed and sometime in the next hour I will call and then report tomorrow.  Tonight I'll rest as best as I can and then tomorrow I'll take my over the counter pain meds, head to the Court, report in and wait my turn.  I'll take a good book (summons stated I can) to continue to catch up on my reading while praying I am not selected as a juror this time.  I am thankful tomorrow is Chris' day off so we don't have to figure out what to do about transportation.  We'll worry about that for Thursday if this Jury Summons goes any further tomorrow and for the time being I'll treat this as an adventure.  Doesn't make the pain go away, but I'm use to the pain so I'll just move past it and decide to make it a great day!

****GOOD NEWS **** GOOD NEWS**** Follow-up to earlier posting:  At 7:37 p.m. tonight (7.26.2011) I called in as instructed to Juror Services. I DO NOT HAVE TO REPORT TOMORROW!  Flipside however is that my juror number will receive a new summons via mail with new date.  I've had three summons now in 22 years from the State of Nevada and have not yet had to serve.  The fourth one will eventually arrive - maybe it will be another decade down the road - maybe not.....Eventually I will serve I'm sure.