Saturday, August 20, 2011

Finding A Voice Thru Building and Design

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Lost and Found Voices  - Designing for Living
     I've been in the construction business this last week.  I am constructing a sister blog.  I've been racking my brain these last few weeks to find my voice and then out of the clear blue I came to the conclusion that I really wanted to journey into a healthier new way of living.  I remembered how inspiring it was to journal on the old MSN South Beach group and wanted to get back into renewed health and inspired living. 
     The need to create and to build a blog dedicated to the journey for healthier living, finding purpose and potential propelled me into creating the new blog.  I have also been in contact recently with a few friends from the old MSN days and hope that the new blog can somewhat bring a portion of that defunct community back to life.  The words journey for living kept crossing my mind once I had made the decision to build.  Great joy!  These words became the blog name and they were available when I went to start the process.  The rest will be history and a journey in the making.  

     Get On With It! Quit Surviving, Thrive and LIVE!   Journey 4 Living is about my journey from morbid obesity with RA toward a healthier way of living and life.  Once I meet the weight loss goal I plan to keep the theme journey for living alive and follow where the Lord leads as He and I move on to the next goal.  It is not just about weight loss but it will be about taking life by the horns and living.  I mean it is really about living to the fullest potential, finding and utilizing the God given talents within ones self!  I hope you will join me on this journey.  I also want you to continue to return here to visit AS I C IT because in the process of building and constructing the sister blog it is finding its voice too.

     I AM SUPER EXCITED because I am growing and learning steps on how to build the new blog design within the blogger template system that I never knew were available.  It has been quite fun to go out and find widgets and other items to create a wonderful place to grow as I turn my health around and journey back to the Cizon that somehow became lost over the years or perhaps find the grown Cizon that evolved over the years.  She's there, somewhere in all the food and weight and health issues, waiting to get to know her family, friends, followers and to also live abundantly.

     It is so awesome to announce that there will be a Community Forum at Journey 4 Living!  It will be so exciting to motivate, encourage, and to entertain our community as we draw together to journey thru life.  I am hoping that a few of my friends from the former MSN SBD group will find me and join me in the forum to visit and that new followers will emerge and become fast friends too.

     All things considered and said, I can't wait to finish the new design over there because in spending time creating, building and caring for Journey 4 Living I have been sensitive to what is evolving as my voice at As I C It and creative energies for design here at this blog.  Over the last month I have read the news, watched the news, and heard the news and have had several questions pop to mind over stories.  These are little points popping out of items in the news that begin to motivate me to stop to ponder the who, what, when, where, why and how of that nugget of the news for the day.  The gal who once wrote for the college information services desk, news paper, fine arts department and worked in radio emerges to question and to develop these nuggets.  This will be what I will share with you in addition to other items that pop in my world.

The voice of As I C It has basically been 
"Hey! - Here is what I, Cizon, See ... This Is What I Am Thinking" 
and it will remain to some degree to be just that ...  As I C It, but I will also look forward to hearing from you for your viewpoint as well!

  • Do you Blog?
  • Do you know your voice for your blog?
  • Is there ever a moment that stops you out of the blue and you must contemplate that little miniscule nugget of information from the news that may have needed more observation?
  • What do you like about Journey 4 Living or not like?
  • Will you join the Community Forum at Journey 4 Living?
  • Share with me your view and comments please and let me know your opinion today.