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Visions and Goals: 5 Steps to Success

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Visions and Goals:  5 Steps to Success

(as originally posted 8/18/11 on Journey 4 Living)

Reach Your Potential - Stretch - You Can Do It
Be Determined.  Stick With It.  And make right decisions.
In forming new habits at first it's difficult. 
But if you will stick with it you'll come
to a point where it doesn't take much effort at all.
It will be natural to you. 
~ Joel Osteen ~ 

Do You Have A Vision? 

What is the purpose that you have in your heart?  What value do you hold most clearly, the vision, that you must achieve?  Have you thought through what it is you want to clearly achieve?  You must without a doubt know what it is that you want to accomplish in order to begin.  Do not make the goal so reachable that you obtain it very easily but do not make it so lofty that it is an unattainable pipe dream.  It is the short-term goal I am addressing today.  You can also have your five-year and ten-year goals in place but be sure that while you are working on the short term goal that it is in line with your long range goal.  For instance if you are studying to be a dancer today but really want to be an attorney in ten years then you need to rethink what your purpose is for your goal.  Bring your purpose, your goal, within your vision.  Seek guidance from your family, mentor and pastor if necessary so that your vision is a healthy, viable plan for your life and success. 

Position Your Support Team 

Who is your best supporter?  Who is there to cheer you on or set you straight when you stray away from the plan?  A support team is vital to your vision.  Do you have that person(s) in place who is your best cheerleader to help you, stimulate you, encourage you and support you as you work your plan?  The support team will know clearly what you want and have your best interests at heart.  They will know how to help redirect your focus when it fails and know when to step behind you and let you sail. 

Outline Your Vision 

Much like a business proposition you need to sit down and make a list of how you intend to reach your vision and the steps it will take to get there.  Make a list of pros and cons to visualize if this vision is pure and attainable then begin to jot down the steps you will take to reach your goal.  You must daily work toward your goal.  In weight loss for instance you will need to possibly journal each day everything you eat and drink as a method for staying on track to reach your final weight goal.  You may also want clearly state your current weight and amount of weight you want to lose.  You may even want to set bar dates for reaching your mini-goals to achieve the larger goal.  Another suggestion would be to track the exercise or calories each day to stay on target.  In this example your vision is weight loss, a specific amount of weight to be lost, and you will accordingly write out your plan and work it. 

Make Your Plan Apparent 

Goal posters are not relegated to the young student.  Break out the butcher paper, the science fair three-way poster board, or the poster paper along with your crayons, paint, markers and any other visual effects you have to put on the goal poster to make it vibrant and alive.  You will want to place this in a spot where you can see it on a daily basis.  In fact, you may want to make several goal posters and place them strategically in your daily paths so that you do not deter from the plan before you.
Stretch For The
Finish Line

Now you have your vision, your support team, your plan and your goal poster so work your plan and be ready to check off the list each mini-goal as it is reached and before you know it you will be at the finish line and have won your race.

Journey Points To Poinder:
  • Successful Goal Achievement Depends On You - Are You Willing To Go The Extra Mile and Work Your Plan To Win and Succeed?
  • Do You Know What You Want - Without a Doubt:  Do you have a vision?
  • What Steps Do You Need To Take Today To Make Your Goal Succeed?
  • Share With Me Please Your Comments On How You Turn Dreams to Goals and Goals into Reality. 
Where there is no vision, the people perish... 
Proverbs 29:18 (KJV)