Monday, August 1, 2011

Short 'n Sweet - Intentional Blogging

© 2011 Cizon Sauceda

I am an intentional blogger.  Yes, present tense.  I enjoy writing and I've enjoyed this blog.  Today's blog really will be short 'n sweet (even sans pictures).  I just want to put it out there that I am looking over blogs and taking in what's out there in the news, what other people are blogging about and my life in general.  Recently I rediscovered that one must write daily to make it a habit and it is my intention to form a habit, a writing habit.  Even if it is ever so short 'n sweet as today.  I may change the look of the blog (what do you think?) or I may leave it the same; regardless, I will daily make my presence known by stopping in for a cup of java and a chat with you.

I'm discovering slowly how to use twitter (even gaining some followers - whoopee! - follow me @cizon_sauceda), I am working on giving up the farming on farmtown and the gardening on facebook to devote more time at honing my writing/blogging skills and work-product, put my new home in order (i.e. unpacking, decorating, etc.), landscaping the backyard (eventually - hopefully by winter), diving more into the Word of God, attending Bible Studies/Growth Groups, volunteering, spending time in prayer, scrap-booking and photography (yes kids, I'll still be camera happy), working on my body (exercise/healthy eating/living/putting the RA in remission permanently) and taking care of my family.  A virtual list of topics just in this paragraph alone to chat about daily not to mention whatever is happening in the news that might catch my attention instead or what popped up in my study of the Bible that impressed me enough to share.

That's it in a nutshell...short 'n sweet....

World, here I come....Intentionally blogging... AS I C IT.