Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bucket List

© 2012 ~ Cizon Sauceda

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1.  Go Camping and See Old Faithful** Geyser erupt in/at/near Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.

Cathederal Lake

2.  Go hike, camp, etc., in Yosemite National Park, California

Bodie - love the old west feel of this pic!

3.  Visit all the Ghost Towns in the USA, traveling state by state.  Starting in California with Bodie  and other sites then moving easterly into Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona after which I will move on to the more ghost towns of our grand old country.

Bodie Ghost Town, California

4.  Learn to read, write and speak Spanish fluently. Learn to speak Italian fluently.

5.  Travel Spain and Italy.

6.  Travel Mexico

7.  Learn to play piano like Mike Teague 

**Thank you to Michelle Killoran and her travel blog, Killoran Roadtrip, for inspiring me to create a bucket list.  My thoughts were of how much fun that they were able to see Old Faithful and it made me want to see it too!