Sunday, June 10, 2012

South Beach Diet Phase 1 Sample Menu

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Phase 1 Sample Menu

Try to eat every 3 - 4 hours so you do not go hungry.  Drink your water!!!
You really should not be hungry once you get going on this lifestyle.

A Day Living the Lifestyle


Protein (Qty unlimited):                      1-2 egg(s), scrambled

Vegetable (minimum 1/2 cup):            1/4 cup beans (usually black or pinto)



Milk (2 c daily):                                   1/2 cup milk, fat-free or 1%

Fat (1 tsp oil or mayo or optional):      1 tsp evoo

For breakfast I like to add a few more veggies to the 1/2 c minimum. So if you are counting calories (and you don't have to on the SBD) then just include the extra's in your count.  I usually take couple of tbsp of chopped onion, 1 tsp of choppped garlic, 1/2 bell pepper diced and sautee this in the extra virgin olive oil. Take your egg(s) and add just a tbsp or two of milk to them before cooking. Do a quick squirt of cooking spray in the pan to scramble the eggs. Once I scramble everything together I'll add the beans just to warm them slightly.  Top with a couple of tbsp of salsa if you want.  I'll also have one or two cups of coffee (my caffeine limit for the day) shared between breakfast and the morning snack.

A great mid-morning snack is 6 oz v8 or tomato juice and a string cheese stick.


Protein (Qty unlimited):                       2-3 oz of salmon or water packed tuna, drained

Vegetables (minimum 2 cups):             1 1/2 cups of spring salad mix1/4 cup garbanzo beans (chickpeas); 1/8 cup diced bell pepper; 1/8 cup diced onion



Milk (Maximum of 2 c daily):              None

Fat (1 tbsp oil or mayo or optional):    1 tbsp salad dressing

Mix in 15 almonds (or choose nut of your choice using correct amount - see choices)
with 1/2 cup low-fat plain yogurt and add a couple of teaspoons of splenda.


Protein (Qty unlimited):                        3 - 4 oz broiled or baked chicken breast

Vegetables (minimum 2 cups):              2 c. choice of veggie (see Foods To Eat List)



Milk (Maximum of 2 c daily):               1/2 c. milk, fat-free or 1%

Fat (1 tbsp oil or mayo or optional):     5 squirts of ICBINB Spray

1 hard boiled egg, 1/4 cup of cucumber, 1/4 cup diced tomato

*   When snacking try to pair your nut, veggie or dairy product with a protein.

**  If you go with a Phase 1 dessert recipe plan ahead so you keep within the guidelines dependent upon what the ingredients are for your dessert choice.

To begin, I am sharing a one day menu.  I hope as time permits to return and give you 14 days worth of menus to start your journey.

Disclaimer:  The information on this website is not intended to replace medical advice.  ASICIT, Journey 4 Living and Cizon Sauceda are not associated with either the Abs Diet or The South Beach Diet companies nor have these companies endorsed this site or person.  As with any new eating plan, exercise or lifestyle change, please be sure to check with your physician as only he/she knows your medical history and your abilities for you to succeed on your journey.