Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Time Flies When You're On A Learning Curve

© 2012.06.06 ~ Cizon Sauceda

Time is flying by just way fast these days!

I'm loving my new position at work too!  I have lots to do and I am still in that learning curve.  So happy for the change at work and it couldn't have come sooner as I was getting stagnant in what I was doing and we know what that means....CIZON doesn't do JOB very easily when BORED!!!  No boredom anymore!!

I've moved from updating/adding new products to the company website to managing the customer orders / placing purchase orders with our vendors and much more customer service.  I'm really having to learn the Scuba business now so I can communicate more effectively with our customers and the vendors.  It's all good!!  There is so much more I'll learn as I manage what I've taken in the last week.  God is Good!!  Just when I thought I needed another part-time or a full-time job he created change at work to allow me more hours, more responsibility plus he took away the boredom ~ or should I say monotony!!  Thank you Jesus!

My dear sweet youngest boy/man/child - oh - seems like yesterday we brought him home from the hospital - graduates from high school in just a little over a week.  Where have the years gone?

My dear daughter graduated from college in May and will soon spend the summer in Mexico visiting her auntie and cousin...I'll miss her but so happy she has the opportunity for some fun before the real world settles in around her.

I miss my oldest and his family.  I miss my grand babies.  I so wish I could fly off to Georgia and visit them for a week or so.  Even better I wish they could live near me for a while so I can have some one on one quality time with my toddler babies!  Love you guys -  all five of you!!!

Had a date with the hubby tonight.  We had Sweet Tomatoes.  I love Sweet Tomatoes.  I think I haven't been there since last fall.  What a treat!  It was nice to visit and spend time with the hubs tonight.

Hope to get more recipes on the site this week and manage to begin that ever elusive healthy eating program with exercise.  I am managing for the most part to get in the seven to eight hours of sleep each night.  That is far better than the four to six hours I had been getting.  I guess this is best taken in baby steps.  I find I'm not drinking as much water as I should.  I'm at 64 oz a day but really should be at 130 oz.  It'll come with time....

Yeah... Time is flying by... Way too fast!