Sunday, February 24, 2013

Keeping It Real - Summary

Well I keep saying I will post to be accountable yet I do not.

So Here Goes...a Summary to date...
I lost two pounds and a 1/2" each in the waist and hips last week! 
That's about all I am tracking now on a weekly basis except for a weekly blood glucose level (I refuse to be a diabetic) and my blood pressure/pulse.  I do this weekly each Sunday.

I somewhat tracked weight last summer but when I ended up in the hospital last September I began to seriously track blood glucose level (Bgl), blood pressure (b/p), weight and added in waist for good measure but only on a weekly basis.  I have recently started checking my hips because I was curious.  I may add upper ab region just to have a tracking.  From time to time, more random than not, I'll measure the complete body.  I guess my last time was back last summer.  I'll find the chart going back years and pop a few measurements in here later for that so that we can really see progress (or setback) as it may be.  Pictures tell a thousand stories so take a look at the photo journal too.
Check out my SUMMARY CHART 
I will also post at the end of the day (just before bedtime) my daily accountability report.  I find this useful for me in that I putting it out there what I've done and allow you to provide positive and encouraging feedback.
There was a time when MSN had groups.  I belonged to an awesome group of South Beach Diet followers and we had our journals.  These journals were inspiring and encouraging.  My intentions with my daily Keeping It Real blog posts will be to bring back that accountability and approach to weight loss that I once found so very useful.  I miss my friend Karen's journal entries.  She was a true inspiration!

You will find my daily blog posts under CIZON'S DAILY JOURNAL where I will attempt to keep it real, out there and honest.

Enjoy the journey as you read my posts.  I hope to inspire and encourage you too as I work past my demons, struggles and success on this journey to a healthier me.