Thursday, March 14, 2013

Acrylic 101 My Way

Painting By Ear... er... 
Playing It By Ear.... um... 
Yes I am Painting

I've always sung to the tune of I'll do it my way while playing it by ear.  All projects sewing, cooking, etc., have been this way so why should painting be any different?  Walls washed, baseboard painted green with strokes of beginning grass and I finally decided to start the project in full.  

Last weekend I created a tree and now I am working on the sky.  I'm not to thrilled with the sky at this point so I may be white-washing some tomorrow and starting fresh with it.  I think its a little dark but my dear daughter says it looks good.  I have to live with it so I'll make a few changes.  Once I finish the sky I will be going back to the tree and giving it some more character and shading as well as minor branches with leaves.  This has been really exciting and fun to watch my free hand create something so amazing.

I have to say I love Blick Art Supply.  Shout out to the wonderful workers at my Blick on Decatur here in Las Vegas, NV.  Ya'll are awesome, encouraging and helpful!
I love the supplies I am using.  I have selected Blick Artist items such as Acrylic Modeling Paste to make the tree look and feel like a tree and have also used come of the Acrylic Gloss Medium on the tree.  I'll use more of it to seal the end result and make my work shine. 

Another item I wish I would have used was the Acrylic Gesso as a base.  We recently painted the walls a white and I was told this should work okay however I'm thinking maybe I might want to use Gesso for my next project.  

Colors have been Blick Studio Acrylics.  I am currently using Raw Umber, Titanium White and Cobalt Blue Hue.  I have shades of green and sienna and yellow oxide for my grass and leaves that will eventually find their way to the wall.

The inspiration to create a family tree came about last year via Pinterest when I saw and fell in love with this:

Isn't that just a gorgeous set up?  Well I am creating my own version of it and including genealogy to boot.  I plan to photographically create a family tree placing pictures on the tree as shown above.  It will allow me to research family history and scour wherever I am lead for photo's and information of our families roots.  I am excited at the prospect of discovery!

Points to Ponder:

  • Do you have a craft that you love?
  • Do you too ???? by ear? You fill in the blank (sing, play, draw, paint, cook, sew, etc.)
  • Do you research your family history and if so have you found creative ways to display the history or share it with others?

Looking forward to hearing from you.  
Until we meet again....