Thursday, June 6, 2013

Journey To The Skinny Me - With The Skinny Rules

Journey To The Skinny Me With The Skinny Rules

For years I've had a set way of how I thought it was best to shed pounds and on occasion the weight has shed only to return.  I've read books and I'm reading a new book with a new approach for me.  It still shares some of the same healthy foods that I've learned to love but it also has a laid out plan that appears to be easy to follow.  I am looking forward to following The Skinny Rules as laid out in Bob Harper's book The Skinny Way.  It is simple and straight forward and if a contestant on The Biggest Loser can win with his planning I know that I can win too.

The book lays out seven meal choice options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks for each day.  One would think that it is a no-brainer and who couldn't possibly loose with the plan laid out so well.  I'm going to take up the challenge, I'm motivated and I'm going to succeed.  I am so thrilled to learn about this book.  Kudos's to Stephanie, the best hair stylist a girl could hope for, for sharing that The Skinny Way book existed.  Thank you and huge shout out to @Glitterygrl for my fabulous hair and book suggestion!

I have some of the food for the first week in stock (hopefully enough to get through tomorrow) and I'll go tomorrow and stock up on the rest of what is needed for success.  I'm adding @MyTrainerBob to my Twitter for what I hear are his inspiring tweets! 

Stick with me and we'll see just how well The Skinny Way Rules turn out.  So many rules (only twenty) and so much to remember but you know I think it will be worth it.  Can't Never Could Because He didn't Try - I am not named Can't.  I am Cizon and I will try!