Sunday, September 1, 2013

Making Room - One Day At A Time

These are the days of my life.  
Where I Grow, I Learn, I Think, I Become.

Do I Accept The Challenge ?

I sit here thinking.  I am contemplating today why and how as I prayerfully consider the importance of a career in Mary Kay, again.  Several times last month I was awoken from dreams where I was a thriving Mary Kay consultant.  What does that mean?  

I responded recently to a friends email of 8 that she sent to me.  Usually I do not forward these types of email on but this one I did. I sent on to 8 people who inspire me and who I greatly admire.  I sent it to Rebbecca my former Director/NSD because she is one of 8 who inspire me to be me and to grow in all my potential.  I didn't expect her to reply because she is a busy woman but she has always taken time to encourage me.  She was very sweet and she also added two sentences to her reply that has me thinking and praying again about what it is I am to do in this world.  She asked me, "Any chance u have room in your life to grow a Mary Kay business?  Still luv for your to b one of my directors!" 

I've visited with my daughter and my husband about this recent email from Rebbecca.  My husband is excited and proud and encouraging me.  When I asked him what he thought he replied, "I've always been for it you're a natural.  I'll support you all the way!"  He is an OTR trucker at this time and he went on to tell me when he was recently in Dallas he passed their headquarters to which I replied that I was able to tour it when I went to Seminar in 2009!  My daughter was also as encouraging if I am serious about making it work this time!  I think I am. 

So for the next few weeks I'll be in prayer over a decision that can change not only my life but that of my family, friends and people I do not even know yet.  Pray with me that God will open doors and provide financially and emotionally  and physically for all that this decision will entail and require.  I'm not going to go give up my day job (yet) but if I do go back into Mary Kay I want it to be the career path decision.

Making my list, planning the plans, setting up growing pains so that I can grow.

After Note (decided on or about 9/12/13):
I contemplated returning to consultant status however I have decided after careful and prayerful consideration that it is not that time.