Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Etsy!  Yes!  

My Banner for Creatively Cizon on Etsy (spinning off from this blog).

Too many people have said what a great job my hand crafted cards are and why not sale some too!  So without further pause I am creating an Etsy Account to share my artistic nature via hand-crafted cards and acrylic art work.

This will be a blast and I can't wait!  I'm busy setting up Etsy, picking the best way to weigh and ship through the USPS.  I am also looking at bringing in some extra stamps, embellishments and paper to create as well as canvass to spread a little acrylic and love on as inspired!  By no means am I able to give up the day job but I sure hope to have a great journey with my craft and who knows where it leads.  I'd really like to have enough items created to set up at the Boulder City Arts and Crafts Fair during the fall of 2014!  Now that would be something.

I'll keep you updated on my progress and will soon announce the grand opening of Creatively Cizon on Etsy!