Friday, January 17, 2014

Fourteen in 14

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I just read a snippet (page 34, January 2014, Info Source: Journal of Clinical Psychology) in the magazine Fitness that stated that one is 10 times likelier to attain goals when one makes the resolution.  So here I am shouting it from my blog!  My 14 Resolves for 2014...

ONE/14 - Spiritually Me
GOAL:  Seek God - Embrace that Jesus Is My Best Friend - Let the Holy Spirit Lead
Time to dig in and stop spinning my wheels hemming and hawing about where I belong and time to grow strong in the Word, Being Taught The Word and Fellow-shipping with Others.
  • Be a Godly Wife, Mother, Mammaw, Daughter, Sibling
  • Dig into the Word and Study
  • Take the Word into my Music and Create Worship and Praise
  • Show up - Be at church (Once upon a time, remember when the doors were open we were there? Time to be there!)
  • Read / Study every day!
  • Prayer Closet Daily!

TWO/14 - Healthy Me
GOAL:  Lose 165 Pounds over 49 weeks (3.367 lbs per week)
Putting the RA into hibernation and hopefully eliminating pills for pain, blood pressure, thyroid, low vitamin D Levels and sleep issues.
  • Eat 1300 - 1600 calories per day, healthy-clean eating/non-inflaming foods
  • Write it down...if it goes in my mouth it goes in my journal!
  • Hit the gym 5 days a week for 30 - 60 minutes (biking, swimming, water aerobics, walking, strength/stretch)
  • Sleep 7 - 8 hours per night
  • Hydrate equal to 1/2 my body weight in ounces of water daily
  • Regularly Prescribed Meds, Daily Vitamin, Joint Supplement, Vitamin D3, Fish Oil Supplement
  • Rewards - Every 50 lbs gets a message, every 25 lbs gets a pedicure, every 10 pounds is a manicure

THREE/14 - Musically Me
GOAL:  Learn to play the acoustic guitar
Starting with basic skills, growing to develop Worship Leading Style Skills and for fun Classical Guitar
  • Clean guitar
  • Repair the broken string, get a stringing tool with the wire cutter, extra strings just in case of the POP!  :)
  • Get a storage bag
  • Get a guitar strap
  • Picks, Picks and guitar picks!
  • Tune Guitar
  • Begin Utilizing web based teaching such as the Beginning Guitar for Worship by Joe Cash
  • Practice 20 - 30 minutes daily
  • Praise and Worship Sessions as I hone my new skill - this is all about giving God the Glory
  • Join a community choir and/or church choir

FOUR/14 - Prettia Me
(as my dear daughter calls it)
GOAL:  Hair, Make-up, Nails, and Shave
More than a shower and a hair wash - time to find the beauty again!
  • Daily face cleaning routine A/M and P/M
  • Make-up Sunday through Friday (give Saturday off to breath naturally)
  • Make an effort to bring some style to my hair - starting with a cut scheduled on 1/25 with my awesome hairdresser!
  • Daily curl or style my hair - NOT always throwing it up into a clip to save time.  My hair is growing out long so time to rock that!
  • I dislike shaving as much as the rest of you do - its time consuming, but I'm gonna do it!  Aiming initially for weekly as well as the eyebrows and mustache, etcs.

FIVE/14 - Me hablan espaƱol
GOAL:  Embrace the Spanish Language, Culture and People
Learning to speak, read and eventually write in Spanish.  
  • Daily work on steps in the Barron's Mastering Spanish: Hear It, Speak It, Write It, Read It (Foreign Service Institute Version)
  • Watch Spanish News and Shows
  • Speak Spanish with my daughter, friends, family and co-workers who are Spanish speaking so I can learn

SIX/14 - Knowledgeable Me
GOAL:  Read
Read about History, Biblical History, Leadership, Goal Setting, Dreaming, Christ-like Living, plus my Mystery Who Dun Its Too
  • Read 20 minutes a day

SEVEN/14 - Creatively Cizon
GOAL:  Arts, Crafts, Card Making, Scrapbooking
Finish Tree Mural, Complete Painting the Baseboards, Clock Wall, Family Pictures UP, Paint Entry Dresser, Easter Cards, Christmas Cards, Birthday Cards, Cards, Scrapbook Pages
  • Craft Weekend Once Per Month either at the Scrapbook Store or at Home

EIGHT/14 - Organizing Me
GOAL:  Finish Unpacking with family assistance
Three years later we still a a bajillion boxes unpacked in the garage and around the house needs organizing.  Time to make this house a home at last.
  • Unpack 3 - 5 boxes per week - put away, throw away or give away.
  • Decorate home in process
  • Prepare home so we can entertain guests, family - have cookouts and host Bible studies

NINE/14 - Entertaining and Meditating Me
GOAL:  Clean Up Back Yard
And again three years later, it's time to utilize the yard.  More Family Time to Clean, Clear, DeClutter, Landscape, Make Patio a place to BBQ and enjoy Sitting Out
  • Clear the land and ship out the clutter
  • Trim and Care for Trees
  • Landscape and Grass for yard
  • Prepare Grill for Fun Times
  • Clean up Patio / Patio Furniture

TEN/14 - Career Path for Me
GOAL:  What is God's Plan for Me
Thankful for the job God has given to me these past two plus years I wonder if there is not a clearer purpose and passion for me to pursue.  Growing pains make me believe it is time to move on so that I have a job that pays well and provides insurance, benefits, paid time off and paid holidays; but is this God's plan or my idea?
  • Prayerfully consider what is my purpose, ambition and God-given talent and skill
  • Move forward with consistent healthy habits and decisions that make this job go well and provides a launch for whatever future career the Lord prepares for me.

ELEVEN/14 - Mi Familia: PMV
At least once this year if not twice I want to go see my family - especially when Phillip graduates.
  • Find out when Phillip has graduation for his associates degree.
  • Make plans for traveling
  • Begin to financially be prepared to make the trip by setting aside money every week for trip/visit.
  • Pray for each of them

TWELVE/14 - Mi Familia: DGS
GOAL:  To Be There For What She Needs / Her Friend / Her Mother
As she works on her Master's In Special Ed while teaching Full-time as a SPED Resource Teacher be the one she can visit with at the end of her day, craft with her, share her journey and help her with Luka Puppy as needed.
  • Walk Luka Puppy once a week for her - Mammaw thinks Sunday would be a good time to walk :)
  • Listen to how her day went or how her studies are going
  • Take time to craft with her (she likes scrapbooking too)
  • Pray for her

THIRTEEN/14 - Mi Familia: AJS
It's time for my baby to be a man, to step up and find employment and learn to drive.  Little things so that he is prepared for the next phase in life and living so he is able to take care of himself on his own if it ever was needed.
  • Continue to encourage cooking skills and variations of healthy eating
  • Encourage physical exercise to become fit
  • Continue to encourage and assist in skills for household maintenance and cleaning, etc.
  • Take him to get his learner's permit and teach him to drive
  • Encourage and support him as he looks for work or for education to learn a trade
  • Pray for him

FOURTEEN/14 - Mi Familia: CJS
As he travels the 48 states continue to discover God's purpose for my role in our marriage and be the loving, supportive and praying wife.
  • Pray for him and with him
  • Pray for our marriage
  • Fear God, Seek God, so I see clearly his will for me in our marriage
  • Be his help meet
  • Share scripture with him and read scripture with him
  • Make a point to visit with him by phone when he is on the road daily

Do you have a resolution or goal for 2014?
Share your 2014 Resolves with me!  I'd love to pray you through the year as you work on them!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ambition Amidst Newly Found Apps and a Busted String

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Ambition Amidst Newly Found Apps
and a Busted String...

Last weekend I asked my son for his guitar and he replies with "why?" so I told him I intended to learn to play.  It's been in the plans mentally for a few months now but just not yet realized.  

His guitar is the only instrument in the house that I could tune.  I need to have the piano tuned so I have two instruments and someday pray to have a double French Horn with trigger valve too!  Oh the joyful thoughts of playing on a tuned piano and relearning to play the horn I put down 27 years ago!  On another note my vocal instrument needs exercise as well.  I just read recently that you can age gracefully and with health while singing in a group!  Click to see this Chorus America story.  Time to find my beginning choir to get in the grove ~ the way time is flying it will not be long before I hit 55!


This is a Johnson beginners guitar that my son used for high school guitar class his freshman year.  It is an acoustic JG-100-R that I look forward to learning to play.  Without much prodding, thankfully, he gave me the guitar.  It's out of tune...severely out of tune!  I strummed it a bit and then sat in the corner until I can figure out where/how to successfully tune it.   I have no clue where our tuner is (most likely in an unpacked box in our garage).

Early in the day, this past Monday, my boss told me he bought a guitar and was going to use YouTube to learn to play.  I told him how funny because I was going to learn too I just had to locate a tuner to tune my guitar first. He said why haven't you downloaded an app for that!  Smacking Myself On The Head I say, "oh yeah there has to be an app for that!"  Of course there was...what JOY!

Guitar Tuna is going
to be the life saver.
Bound and determined at midnight on Tuesday, 12:00 a.m. I begin to work on tuning this instrument!  The tuner is looking pretty amazing.

All over the dial but it just can't set itself to tune that E string.  I try and I try but to much frustration that string is just terribly out of tune.  I am doing my best to tune E and it just isn't going there!  I knew enough that I wasn't going to get whipped by a string and sure enough it pops, but not on me!  :)

My son walks in and jokingly said, "you broke it" and I said, "No it's just a string"!  I went on to tell him that it is a new learning curve and now I get to learn how to string and tune before the learning to play begins!

I'm looking forward to learning to play.  A friend of my husband's from way back in the day is our friend on Facebook and he has a site that teaches Beginning Guitar for Worship.  This will be such a blessing when I can start learning and playing and praising my saviour with my mad new guitar skills and my voice!

Whatever did we do before You Tube, Dummy Manuals and Online Video Instruction...awsome!  Absolutely awesome is the privilege we enjoy and take for granted in our freedom to learn and gain knowledge!

Until We Meet Again!