Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ambition Amidst Newly Found Apps and a Busted String

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Ambition Amidst Newly Found Apps
and a Busted String...

Last weekend I asked my son for his guitar and he replies with "why?" so I told him I intended to learn to play.  It's been in the plans mentally for a few months now but just not yet realized.  

His guitar is the only instrument in the house that I could tune.  I need to have the piano tuned so I have two instruments and someday pray to have a double French Horn with trigger valve too!  Oh the joyful thoughts of playing on a tuned piano and relearning to play the horn I put down 27 years ago!  On another note my vocal instrument needs exercise as well.  I just read recently that you can age gracefully and with health while singing in a group!  Click to see this Chorus America story.  Time to find my beginning choir to get in the grove ~ the way time is flying it will not be long before I hit 55!


This is a Johnson beginners guitar that my son used for high school guitar class his freshman year.  It is an acoustic JG-100-R that I look forward to learning to play.  Without much prodding, thankfully, he gave me the guitar.  It's out of tune...severely out of tune!  I strummed it a bit and then sat in the corner until I can figure out where/how to successfully tune it.   I have no clue where our tuner is (most likely in an unpacked box in our garage).

Early in the day, this past Monday, my boss told me he bought a guitar and was going to use YouTube to learn to play.  I told him how funny because I was going to learn too I just had to locate a tuner to tune my guitar first. He said why haven't you downloaded an app for that!  Smacking Myself On The Head I say, "oh yeah there has to be an app for that!"  Of course there was...what JOY!

Guitar Tuna is going
to be the life saver.
Bound and determined at midnight on Tuesday, 12:00 a.m. I begin to work on tuning this instrument!  The tuner is looking pretty amazing.

All over the dial but it just can't set itself to tune that E string.  I try and I try but to much frustration that string is just terribly out of tune.  I am doing my best to tune E and it just isn't going there!  I knew enough that I wasn't going to get whipped by a string and sure enough it pops, but not on me!  :)

My son walks in and jokingly said, "you broke it" and I said, "No it's just a string"!  I went on to tell him that it is a new learning curve and now I get to learn how to string and tune before the learning to play begins!

I'm looking forward to learning to play.  A friend of my husband's from way back in the day is our friend on Facebook and he has a site that teaches Beginning Guitar for Worship.  This will be such a blessing when I can start learning and playing and praising my saviour with my mad new guitar skills and my voice!

Whatever did we do before You Tube, Dummy Manuals and Online Video Instruction...awsome!  Absolutely awesome is the privilege we enjoy and take for granted in our freedom to learn and gain knowledge!

Until We Meet Again!