Friday, September 19, 2014

Keeping It Real: 9/16/14 - 9/18/14

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Wow, what a week.  This merry-go-round is on full speed and where has this week gone?  

Lower carbs, exercise, counting, thinking, re-thinking and many choices - that's been my week.

I'd like to say I gave up fast food or that I managed to get my carbs down to an average of 20 per day but that is not the case.

I have managed to make choices that have allowed me to lose 9 pounds and 3/4-in. in my waist since last week.

I have enjoyed water workouts and the treadmill at the gym for most of the last week except Friday and Sunday.

I have eaten what I've wanted but in that respect have read labels all week.  I am not hungry or find myself looking for food out of boredom or downtime.  I haven't learned to not drive-thru or choose the lowest healthy carb assortment for any given day but this is a journey that is my new life.

I will learn one day at a time what will work and what isn't working.  
My lifestyle is changing.   
I am a work in progress.

Tracking It:
Food Diary for 9/16/14

Food Diary for 9/17/14

Food Diary for 9/18/14

It appears from my daily food diaries that I need to cut my ties with Burger King.  It will be better if I start taking time to cook.

Friday, 9/19/14, begins a new week for me with another weigh-in next Thursday night.  What will be my results?  Time will tell.  

GOALS FOR 9/19/14 - 9/25/14

NUTRITION:  I've got to work on getting this low carb lifestyle in sync with 1450 calories a day consisting of 50% Protein (181g); 45% Fat (72g); 5% Carb (18g - with 12-15 carbs being from veggies).  For now I am working on Atkins to some degree but with foods I've come to love and support based on AbsDiet; South Beach and my new found friend Atkins.  

EXERCISE:  Fri=Treadmill; Sat=Water Classes (Aerobics and Core Training); Sun=Treadmill; Mon=OFF; Tues=Water Class (Aerobics); Wed=Water Class (Water Zumba - gonna try something new); Thurs=Water Class (Aerobics)

WATER:  Continue to hydrate daily one half my body weight in ounces of water plus an extra bottle or two for the work out.  Average:  138 oz a day minimum this week.

SLEEP:  I have been seeing way to much of midnight (here I am posting after midnight) and need to rework my day so that once I come home from work and working out I eat a light meal and hit the sheets by 9:30 p.m.  I want to be up by 6:00 a.m. but need to get my downtime started by 9:30 p.m. so I am asleep by 10:00 p.m.

I'm going to paraphrase a quote I've heard often that is beginning to feel real again:

Skinny feels better than the feeling that the food I am eating is giving me.

My life seems to be about the food, more specifically the carbs, because it's a new lifestyle in the making but the new lifestyle will be so much more.  It's also full of energy and fitness.  It's been exciting returning to the gym.  Now they get me - not just my money!  
There is a person inside of me ready to be vanquished so the healthy fit, spiritually fit, emotionally fit person can excel in life!


Monday, September 15, 2014

Keeping It Real: Monday, 9/15/14

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Keeping It Real: Monday, 9/15/14

Today was just silly.  I commit to a low carb lifestyle and cannot give up fast food.  Carbs and Sodium way over the top and every meal was eaten out (Breakfast at Burger King, Lunch at Del Taco with Ice Tea from Starbucks and Dinner at the Gym after my work out).  

If this is going to work I'm going to make changes.  Calories and other totals were within or near my range without going over but I am going to need to bring fast food to my kitchen in a healthy, low-carb and tasty variety.  
I need to drive through my kitchen and not the fast food drive-thru!
Time to either start creating or imitating someones tried and true low-carb homemade fast food.  If you have a link or suggestion to help my fast food addiction by changing to homemade fast food please leave me a comment below.

On a positive note I had a most excellent work out!  35 glorious minutes of treadmill time!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Living Low Carb

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Living Low Carb

I read recently that in the 20's (1920's) doctors put their patients on 20 carb per day diets to lower blood glucose levels.  I am not diabetic but this belly I carry and my family history will lead to diabetes if I don't curb the carb and reduce the obesity to a healthy weight.  I also read that during the famines and wars that the diet was modified and did not consist of the primarily carb laden foods we eat today.  Carbohydrates always make me more hungry, sluggish and down-right sickly with pressure to my belly.  I do now believe that belly fat is because of the carbs.  I'm going to pursue this low-carb lifestyle.

I have, the past few days, started the journey to lowering my carbs with intention of hitting 20 on days I don't work-out and 30 on days I do work out.  Depending on my bodies response to weight loss and living a low carb life I will eventully move up to 30 to 40 carbs per day.  Thursday this week (9/11/14) found me eating 91 carbs and on Friday (9/12/14) I managed 87 carbs so I am working my way down to 20.

Once I choose to cook rather than fast food I will be much better at this new lifestyle.  

My post on for food on 9/12/14 was this:
Fridge full of healthy low carb and I still eat fast food.   
This madness must end.

I learned something new this week by pulling out myfitnesspal and using it again:  MY AWESOME iPhone is able to track my steps!  It has something called iStep.  I don't quite understand it but I love it.  

I also realized the following on 9/12/14 and noted about my walking efforts for the day under exercise:  
Need to get a (arm) band to carry my phone all the time. 
This i-Step thing is cool.
So now it is time to head to bed for the S of N.E.W.S. so I can rest, rejuvenate and wake in time to hit the gym for the pool class!

Sweet dreams my friends...

Monday, September 1, 2014

I'm A Lucky Momma

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My generous son has just brought home for me a brand new Xbox One.  I am such a lucky Momma!  :)  

He insisted it belonged in the living room so we can all enjoy it (i.e. he has access to the 50' TV and he doesn't have an HDMI cable spot on his OLD ANCIENT TV).  His additional reasoning is so I can Skype with the Georgia family.  Quite the negotiator.

I agreed on the condition that when I come home from work at night the living room TV and room is mine and that he is free to enjoy any Netflix show or movie with me or TV show or a game, but at night it's my domain.  I will need to learn to play a game or two but at least I'll still have access to Netflix!  

Thanks son, I'm a lucky Momma!  :)  LOL!