Monday, September 1, 2014

I'm A Lucky Momma

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My generous son has just brought home for me a brand new Xbox One.  I am such a lucky Momma!  :)  

He insisted it belonged in the living room so we can all enjoy it (i.e. he has access to the 50' TV and he doesn't have an HDMI cable spot on his OLD ANCIENT TV).  His additional reasoning is so I can Skype with the Georgia family.  Quite the negotiator.

I agreed on the condition that when I come home from work at night the living room TV and room is mine and that he is free to enjoy any Netflix show or movie with me or TV show or a game, but at night it's my domain.  I will need to learn to play a game or two but at least I'll still have access to Netflix!  

Thanks son, I'm a lucky Momma!  :)  LOL!