Monday, September 15, 2014

Keeping It Real: Monday, 9/15/14

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Keeping It Real: Monday, 9/15/14

Today was just silly.  I commit to a low carb lifestyle and cannot give up fast food.  Carbs and Sodium way over the top and every meal was eaten out (Breakfast at Burger King, Lunch at Del Taco with Ice Tea from Starbucks and Dinner at the Gym after my work out).  

If this is going to work I'm going to make changes.  Calories and other totals were within or near my range without going over but I am going to need to bring fast food to my kitchen in a healthy, low-carb and tasty variety.  
I need to drive through my kitchen and not the fast food drive-thru!
Time to either start creating or imitating someones tried and true low-carb homemade fast food.  If you have a link or suggestion to help my fast food addiction by changing to homemade fast food please leave me a comment below.

On a positive note I had a most excellent work out!  35 glorious minutes of treadmill time!