Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Lifetime of Learning

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Lifetime of Learning

I continue to move forward with weight loss, studying God's word, writing, worshipping and all the while through life and obstacles in life I keep learning of God's great love for me, of his mercy and of his plans.  I am currently working my way through a Bible study on (You Version) called the Essential 100.  I want to finish this by 3/31/15.  I feel it is important to have this under my belt as I head into a new era of living.  I fully believe and trust that all the doors and windows are moving so that in April I will begin studying through Global University for the Bible and Theology degree offered.  

This much I know:  'get fit, seek me, take up your music' and the rest is yet to be known until the time God reveals it.  Get Fit equates to loosing weight and becoming healthy.  Seek Me is growing closer to God and knowing his Word.  How else can I Worship without knowing Christ more fully and his scripture more solidly?  This is the decision to study Bible and Theology by obtaining the degree through Global.  Every core of my being says I must because I must take this course of study with Global.  Take Up Your Music:  I am struggling here - does He mean my voice (I always thought maybe so as I love to sing) but quite possibly it is the french horn or trumpet/cornet again or what Lord - learn the piano more fully or even the guitar? I have imagined/dreamed of directing, of taking the parts and making it whole.  I visualize and hear the parts and when they come together it is indescribable the joy it stirs within my soul.  Often it jolts me into realization that I walked away from music because of not understanding theory.  How sad to know that 30 years ago God might have had plans that I turned away from over music theory; but I do know that he comes full circle and if that was a path he will reopen the gate.

Another part of me feels led to seek the law degree after the Bachelors in Bible and Theology but still I desire to serve in Music but only the Lord knows this path.  For now I will seek for acceptance in our churches music ministry to try and find understanding of the full extent of take up your music.  I continue to seek and walk in his light for he is an awesome God who is Good ALL the time!  A Saviour who understands best his plans for me and will reveal each step as I am faithful in the current step.