Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Lent 2015: New Beginning

©2015.02.18 / Cizon Sauceda / All Rights Reserved

Lent 2015 begins my journey to focus on growing closer to God, Christ my King and allowing the Holy Spirit to fully work in my life.  This season will draw me nearer to Jesus and open my heart so that it hears the still small voice, strengthen my mind so that it understands and grows in knowledge and wisdom plus this season I will take steps that allow my body to become the temple that will glorify God in all I am and do.  In this hope and period of growth I am eliminating FaceBook and Netflix from my routine as these take away from life producing opportunities. This will be a period of prayer, communion, praise, worship, thanksgiving and study.  My best friend, Jesus, and I have some much needed one on one time to share.