Thursday, May 9, 2019

The Lost Sheep Tale

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Seeking The Shepherd

This video is the tale of the lost sheep and his 89 pounds of wool. 

Watching the above video I am reminded that my shepherd longingly waits as I meander while straying left and right from him from time to time.  As I wander I too find myself like the lost sheep needing my load lifted.  Life, with all its ebb and flow, will build layers of worry, doubt, stress, or anxiety upon me similar to the layers of wool found on the lost sheep from the above video.  

When I walk back into the fold my Saviour begins the task as shearer.  Leaning toward him, trusting him, and seeking him he gently shears away the layers that have kept me weak or away from him.  My shepherd transforms me into a stronger and healthier person.  Then it is time to listen and to follow my shepherd, my Saviour.  

(John 10


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