Keeping It Real - N.E.W.S.

  N. E. W. S. Formula

The formula which produces success revolves around a determined novel concept Cizon formulated in 2007 with the acronym NEWS.  It worked while she followed it but when her job became her primary focus in her life the formula disappeared into fast food, 60 hour work weeks and a hectic stressful life.  She plans to return to this way of living and truly believes that this is a formula that will work.  
  • that this is a lifestyle change - not a "DIET"
  • that this is about calories in and calories out
  • that she will maintain a caloric range of 1100 - 1500 per day; and
  • Prayer and Daily WORD do make a difference in quality of life
The caloric range will be indicative of whether or not exercise was a part of that days routine.  The base caloric intake is 10% of the desired final weight and the range is based on the work-out for the day (300 calories burned = 300 calories over 1100).  The base weight is the mid-range healthy BMI for Cizon.  You can learn more about your BMI plus calculate your BMI too by going to THIS LINK.

NEWS is attainable but will take dedication and effort in order to guarantee a positive outcome.


W is for WATER

S is getting in a few zzzzzzz'z each night!

Follow A Heart Healthy Diet Provided By Your Physician

Exercise  & Be Sure To Get Your Doctor's Approval
Hydrate Daily Up to One Half Your Body Weight In Oz of Water Per Day (ie. 100 lbs = 50oz h20)

Be sure to Sleep 6 - 8 Hours Daily

These are the components that will propel you toward healthy living. 

Healthy eating (it really is about calories in and calories out) plus Exercise equal a new you.  Proper hydration along with balanced sleep (6-8 hours) will bring out the new you.  

Taking proper supplements in addition to any medications prescribed by your doctor is valuable.  Adding a great multi-vitamin, Vitamin D or calcium to your daily diet will aid in its nutrition and bodies restoration.

As with any new eating plan, exercise or lifestyle please be sure to check with your physician as only he/she knows your medical history and your abilities to succeed on your journey.